Adoption Guide

The decision to bring a new dog into your home is a big step. Pa Caring for K-9s wants to make sure the process goes as smooth as possible. We always have many wonderful dogs to choose from. Our application team will work with you to find a dog that is a great fit for you and your family members. Every dog you see is in a foster home before being adopted. This helps each dog transition quicker into its new home.


Our Adoption Application helps us to make a good match between the dog and the adopter. Before you begin, you will want to make sure the following has been completed:

  • Your current pets and any deceased pets, must be spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccinations. We do allow for excused medical issues, but we require veterinarian documentation.
  • Do your research on the type of dog (breed, age, temperament, personality, etc.) that is the best fit for your lifestyle and your family.
  • We need three, NON-FAMILY references that we can contact for background information.
  • If you rent, speak with your landlord about any pet restrictions and fees that may be involved.
  • Look for a trainer, dog walker, doggie daycare, etc. to have a plan ready for your dog’s long term well-being.

Once your application is submitted to us, we will review your application. Our approval process takes at least 10 days.

This review includes:

  • Contacting your Vet – Give them the authorization to speak to us. We will need verification of records for the past 5 years. If you go to a vet clinic, we will need copies of the records for verification.
  • Contacting your landlord – let them know we will be calling.
  • Contacting your references – Let them know we will be calling.
  • If all these things check out, we will then phone you for an interview.

The most common delay of an application is being unable to reach your references or not having the authority to speak with your vet.


Once you are approved to adopt with us, we will setup a date and time for you to meet the dog or puppy by email. All of our foster homes are located in South Central Pennsylvania and Northern MD. You may also want to attend one of our many adoption events in order to meet many dogs at one time.

You can see a current list of our available dogs on our website, our Facebook site, Petfinder, AdoptaPet, RescueMe, RescueGroups, and Craigslist. We are not a first come, first serve rescue. We adopt each dog to the best fit home. No dog or puppy can be held or reserved until after your application is approved. If the dog you wanted was adopted before your application is approved, We will gladly be able to help you select a new dog or puppy. There is no need to submit a separate application for each dog. We Do Not notify you if the dog you applied for was adopted before your application is approved.


At the time of adoption, you must complete an Adoption Contract and provide payment of our adoption fee. (Check, Cash or money order)

  • Adult dogs that are spayed and neutered – $350
  • Puppies too young to be spayed/neutered: $350 plus a $50 deposit that will be refunded with proof of spay/neuter certificate

Pack9 does not conduct blood profiles for the dogs, unless it is recommended by our veterinarian. We do not administer Lyme or Lepto vaccinations. Pack9 does not conduct DNA tests on the dogs we adopt out. We go by the information the is provided by the shelters and veterinarians. As a result, we cannot guarantee the exact breed of any dog or puppy.

Dogs that are labeled as Adoption Pending

Once we have an incoming dog that will be arriving into the rescue, we advertise the dogs in the Coming Soon album. Many adopters will go through the approval process and keep watch on the incoming dogs and puppies. Once you are approved for adoption, you will be one step closer to finding your forever dog! You will also be able to work closely with one of our application coordinators in order to be best matched with an incoming dog who you can set up a meet and greet with.

After Adoption

Please consider joining our Pack9 Adopters Group on Facebook. There are many wonderful tips and ideas that can be helpful with your new dog. All dogs will be current on their DHPP, Rabies (age appropriate) and will be tested for Heartworm (age appropriate) and treated for internal parasites prior to adoption.

Please remember that most of our dogs and puppies come from rural shelters. Certain parasites may not present themselves while in our care.

Worms are a common problem for dogs and young puppies. They often require multiple dewormings to ensure they are parasite free. Pack9 provides 1-2 dewormings while the dog or puppy is in our care. Many dogs will require 3-4 dewormings before they become parasite free.

All of our dogs are up to date on flea/tick and heartworm preventative (age appropriate) before you take them home. It is suggested you continue these monthly treatments after adopting from us. These preventatives are not provided by Pack9.


You can decide to get your puppy spayed/neutered as early as 4 months of age or you may wait until 6 months of age, at the very latest 7 months per your adoption contract.  It is Pa state Dog Law that every dog/puppy be spayed or neutered by the time it reaches 7 months of age if it was adopted from a rescue or dog shelter.  We do turn in anyones name to the Pa Dog Wardens that do no provide us proof of spay/neuter by the time the dog turns 7 months of age.

In order to receive your $50 refundable deposit, you must return your copy of the spay/neuter certificate and the spay/neuter proof from your vet or SPCA clinic no later than 7 months of age. If you fail to do so, we can request the dog back and/or not return your $50 deposit.

If you puppy is unable to be spayed/neutered because of an illness, we will need proof from your veterinarian.


If anything prevents you from keeping your dog or puppy, regardless of how much time has passed since adoption, You must contact

Your dog or puppy cannot be given away or sold. You must either return the dog to us or obtain approval to transfer ownership.

If it was a puppy that was adopted from us and it is now an adult that is showing aggression issues or biting issues, Pack9 can refuse to take the dog back and suggest you obtain a trainer. As this issue was not created by the rescue.

Pack9 does not reimburse for vet bills after the dog or puppy is adopted. We do not guarantee the health of any of our dogs or puppies.