Meet and Greet Guidelines

We take adoptions very seriously and make every attempt to place a dog or puppy into a home that is willing to make a commitment for the lifetime of a dog. Our process is very thorough and we strive to make this a positive and rewarding experience for your family. To help ensure a good fit for your family, a meet and greet is required prior to adopting. This is an important time for you, your children and any current pets, to meet a potential new dog or puppy.

Meet and Greet Guidelines:

  • Upon receiving the meet and greet email from our adoption coordinator, you will be contacted by the foster family.
  • Please return any messages from the foster within 48 hours. If you do not return a call or message to the foster within 48 hours, we will assume you are no longer interested and will move to the next adopter in line.
  • Once a meet and greet email is received, you have 5 DAYS in which you must meet the dog. Please consider, when choosing to adopt, you must be able to travel to the fosters home within the 5 day period. If you are unable to meet the dog within 5 days, we will move to the next adopter in line.
  • A meet and greet includes ALL members of your family (especially children), your current dogs, and anyone residing in your home.
  • Please read the meet and greet email carefully and be prepared to adopt.
  • If unsure if the dog you are meeting is a good fit for your family, please use the 24 hours we allow and discuss this with your family. You must, however, notify the foster of your intentions within 24 hours of the meet and greet.
  • Please use this opportunity to your advantage:
  1. Ask questions about the dog
  2. Get advice on training and trainers names
  3. Be sure your dog is accepting of a new dog
  4. Be sure a new dog is accepting of your children and vice versa
  5. Make sure you are ready for the financial responsibility of a new dog and vet bills