Please note: Your current pets MUST be up to date on shots and SPAYED or NEUTERED!!!!!   This will cause your application to be DENIED if either is not satisfied!

Thinking About Adoption?

Download the Adoption Guide PDF for offline reading or printing so you know what to expect when applying to adopt from PA Caring for K-9s.

Are you ready to adopt a pet?

Select the application below you would like to proceed with. Once completed, our application team will process your application and let you know by email what your status is. This process usually is completed in 7 to 10 days from the time we receive your application. If you are waiting longer than this, we are typically waiting on your references to return our calls.  PLEASE let your references know we will be calling! Thank you!

Would You Like to Adopt an Animal?

Adopt a lifelong companion from Pack 9. (Must be 23 years old or above to apply)

Would You Like to Foster Our Animals?

Help us train our animals to be lifelong companions. (Must be 23 years old or above to apply)

Would You Like to Volunteer for PacK-9?

Help us at events, process applications, advertising.